Your Diet and You

Not all of us can be disciplined about our diet, but we should be aware of the important properties of certain foods that provide energy and vital vitamins for the body to function properly. If we buy and eat e.g., fried Chicken and Chips and/or instant ready meals regularly this will eventually overload our system with extra salt, fat, sugar, oil, and additives like food enhancers for flavouring. Yes, it may taste good, quick, and easy but we must ween ourselves (like a baby) of this habit.

balancing healthy diet

The modern lifestyle developed over decades encourage us to be lazy about what we eat, not to worry about the ingredients, and ignore the consequences. We use Restaurants and Takeaways to socialise with friends and family unaware of the downside including Supermarkets to save time if we are busy or working. Some in the food industry e.g., Manufacturers are not concerned about healthy eating their aim is to ensure we continue to buy their products.

Therefore, we should understand that we hold the power to change our eating habits to create better outcomes for our health. To avoid developing health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease because of poor diet. This will have a significant impact on health in later life. Let us start the change together, come along to one of our Fitness and Health sessions.