Transforming Lifestyles

We are an ageing society and the future complexities related to ageing will have serious consequences as we grow older if we do nothing in the present to halt the decline in good health in the future.

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Welcome to our dedicated service for residents Forty Plus and Older people in Waltham Forest. Strengthening social relationships with a special interest in tackling loneliness and social isolation experienced by older people in the community. Addressing health inequalities and learning We believe that each person has the potential and ability to direct and make fundamental changes to their lifestyle to achieve better outcomes in health, creativity, learning and enjoyment of life. To find out more click on following links:

(1) Friendship and Leisure (2) Fitness and Health (3) Creative and Learning.

Free registration is required to use the service online or request a form by phone 020 8539 6976.

Build On Community Spirit

A stronger together community that share , learn and celebrate community life and valuing each person’s cultural heritage.